Full Service Option

Like most florists, we offer full service attention for your special day from the initial complimentary consultation, to the delivery and complete installation of ceremony and reception flowers, to picking up the rented glassware at the end of the night. Throughout this process our focus is on providing you with creative and inspired floral designs, personalized service, and professional support for all your event design needs.

Full service clients not only enjoy complementary set up and delivery of florals we are providing they also have full access to our catalog of glassware and event items available to be loaned out at no charge. The only additional charge is a $50.00 retrieval fee for any glassware or event items we need to pick up at the end of the evening.

Full service consultations are complementary by appointment.


À La Carte Option

This service is a great choice for couples on a bit of a budget who still want a professional designer by their side. Let us craft your bridal party and family flowers while you take care of the reception decor or vice versa. À La Carte clients also have access to our inventory of glassware and event rentals but only for items included with our design services.

Delivery and set up services are still an option for À La Carte clients but theses services are billed out at $30.00 per delivery and $30 per hour for set up. 

The À La Carte service works great in combination with our Bulk Botanicals option.

À La Carte consultations are available 6 months in advance and are complementary by appointment.


Bulk Botanicals 

DIY-lovers and budget-conscious couples can buy our premium flowers in bulk to use in decorating their wedding day. What is the Bulk Botanicals option? Bulk Botanicals is a way to order fresh cut flowers and foliage in bulk for bouquets, table decor, etc. We also offer small potted perennial herbs and succulents for centerpieces or favors. No matter what the season, you can be assured that you’re getting the freshest, most vibrant, flowers and plants around! 

Bulk flowers and foliage are typically sold by the 10 stem bunch and range in price from $10-$55, with most being between $12-$25/bunch. Potted plants are sold individually and priced according to the plant, size, and style of container. 

It’s important to also note that with Bulk Botanicals, you’ll be responsible for picking out the types and number of flowers you need. Kelilabee Flower Company does not do that for you, but simply offers you a selection of beautiful, premium flowers not otherwise accessible. 

Since we will not be designing anything for you, Kelilabee Flower Company does not offer complimentary design consultations to customers who are only using our Bulk Botanicals option but we do offer complimentary flower consultations to assist you in making your floral selections along with offering pricing and availability guidelines.