What kind of flowers should I send to a funeral service? When sending flowers to a funeral or memorial service you should to consider if you are sending flowers to honor the deceased or to comfort a specific family member:

Flowers sent to honor the deceased are often larger and more formal than those sent to comfort specific family members. Employers, close friends and members of the family often send a Standing Spray, Wreath or Pedestal arrangement as a way of paying respect to the person they have lost.

Flowers addressed to specific family members as a way of providing comfort are generally less formal. These include larger vase arrangements, plants or garden baskets.

Casket Sprays and Urn rings are traditionally ordered by the immediate family. If you are considering sending one of these designs, we recommend you coordinate with the family before purchasing.

Is it okay to send colorful flowers? Yes! Many people view funeral and memorial services as a celebration of life and specifically request joyful, vivid hues as a way of honoring the colorful life the deceased led.

What kind of flowers should I send to the home? Any vase or basket arrangement, plant or garden basket that is tastefully put together is appropriate to send to the home as a way of expressing condolences. Pedestal Arrangements, Standing Sprays and Wreaths are better sent to the funeral home, church service, or gravesite.

Is there a time limit on sending flowers to the home? No. There is never a time limit on expressing your condolences to a friend or loved one.

Are there any flowers that one shouldn’t send? There are no specific right or wrong flowers that you can send as a means of expressing your condolences.

How do I address the card? If you are sending the flowers in honor of the Deceased, you should address the card “The Service of Deceased’s Name”. If you are sending the flowers to a specific person you should address the card to them but also notify the florist who the service is for.